In this article we reveal the main digital marketing trends for 2018.

One. Marketing automation

 A good way to face and manage the current complexity that involves the implementation of all the actions required by effective digital marketing is through automation.

There are three requirements that an automation must meet to be effective:

  1. It has to start from a clear strategy
  2. The result has to be measured periodically to see if it works
  3. You have to adjust

With this type of tools you can save time and money by not having to allocate your smart resources in things that can be done automatically.

Two. Analytics

Surely you have already heard the expression: ” information is power “. Well, data analytics is power.

The analytic solves the most important question that is: does this work?

If we know what does not work, we can improve.

Today, the available analytical tools allow us to have a lot of relevance to better know the user and obtain better results (more sales, more conversion, more time on your website, etc.).

Three. The power of Amazon

Amazon is gaining ground to Google. In fact, today is the third search engine worldwide, by volume of searches, after Google and YouTube.

The big difference is that the users in Google and YouTube search above all for information, while in Amazon they look for products, in short, they will buy.

This fact, together with the effective user experience and Amazon’s efficient and economical delivery service, is causing this “giant online store” to be eating both offline and traditional online commerce.

More than half of online purchases in the US are already in the hands of Amazon and this is the trend in most Western countries.

If you sell physical products, you probably want to evaluate the option of distributing them through Amazon.

Four. Dissemination of the same content in various formats and platforms

To reach more audiences, without “letting our skin down the road” creating and creating new and original contents, we must take all the juice possible to the original content and value that we create.

If we previously published an article on the blog and sent it to our subscribers, now the tendency is to use that content in different ways: a presentation that we upload to SlideShare, a content for a new Video that we upload to YouTube, an episode of a Podcast, a mini eBook that we upload to Issu, etc.

Five Live broadcasts

It is one of the most popular trends in digital marketing.

There is no doubt that streaming videos are a trend.

One of the first social networks to offer this type of content was Google+ with Hangouts.

Why are live videos a trend? It is easy. When something is live there is more interaction.

A Facebook study indicates that users watch live broadcasts 3 times more than normal videos and often comment 10 times more on this type of content. And this is normal, if the video is live you only have one opportunity to participate in it and comment. And if the video is going to be there permanently it does not call so much the intention to comment on it since ” it will always be there “.

Six. Lead nurturing

This is also called “lead nutrition” or “feed” potential customers.

The goal is to create a good relationship with them.

What you want to achieve with this strategy is to create the contents that customers, or your target audience, tend to demand in order to create a relationship of trust with them and finally end up buying your products or have you as a reference in the sector.

By following a lead nurturing strategy, the client’s interest is kept alive during a whole purchasing process (search, evaluation and acceptance) and finally the conversion we were looking for (that is, the purchase) is achieved.

So to speak, with this strategy we will always leave the user wanting more until in the end we can satisfy (offering our services / products). It is a strategy closely linked to the content strategy.

Seven. Mobile: voice searches and mobile on the go

 Today more than 50% of Internet searches are done through a mobile device.

Therefore, everything must be adapted to it and you must be able to make a purchase, a reservation or see a web page perfectly. If this is not the case, you will surely lose a client.

On the other hand, there is a growing adoption of voice searches (search voice)

The search by voice  must already be contemplated in the search marketing strategies that every brand undertakes . And this is because this change in the search formula has a direct impact on SEO, because semantics and context are becoming increasingly important. We do not use the same keywords when we write them as when we “say them”.

The continuous connection through the mobile phone will have a great impact, especially in the decision making of the consumer at the point of sale , since it will have at its disposal a powerful tool to obtain information on any product, as well as opinions on it.